The major derivatives of Ubuntu are well known, but what about the others? Just because they aren’t as popular doesn’t mean they don’t have something to offer! We introduce five of the least known, yet simply outstanding distributions.

The article gives a nice overview of

  • DEFT – the Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit: a distro running LXDE and targeting foresnic work with packages like Sleuthkits’s Autopsy, ophcrack and ClamAV
  • Element – a home theater PC distro targeted at HDTVs
  • Jolicloud – you guessed it: a cloud-based distro for netbook users
  • moonOS – an elegantly, artsy distro using the little-known Enlightenment window manager.  it looks to have even more style than Fluxbuntu did back when it was an actively developed distro.
  • wattOS – a lightweight, power-efficient distro (think DSL, Puppy and Tiny Core) recommended for recycled PCs