Checking the SMART information on your hard drive

It looks like Ubuntu 9.10 comes with some handy tools for checking the health of your hard drive.

  • Palimpsest – GUI tool
  • devkit-disks – CLI tool

Check out this blog on for screenshots of Palimpsest.  Although, beware, launchpad currently shows a bug related to the error that shows up in the screenshots.

If you happen to get what you think is a false positive for SMART value 5 “Reallocated Sector Count”, check it with the command line tool devkit-disks by running:

sudo devkit-disks --show-info /dev/sda

Changing the /dev/sda to match whatever disk you want to check against.  If you’re not sure what /dev device to look at, you can run

sudo fdisk -l

To get information on all the hard drives in your system.