Bulk rename files – from the GUI or the command line

When I started usng Xubuntu last year, I was really impressed with the Thunar file manager’s plug-in for renaming multiple files.  In fact, when I switched over to using Gnome, I made sure to install Thunar to keep that amazing functionality.  I use it all the time for cleaning up directories of media: pictures from digital cameras, music files, videos.  You can use it for folders as well as files.

For Ubuntu-type users (regardless of your distro), assuming you’re not already running an XFCE distro, you can find Thunar in the repositories.  Install it with Synaptic Package Manager or at the command line with

sudo apt-get install thunar

But what if you want to do some bulk renaming from the command line? With an amazing tool like Thunar’s Bulk Rename, you probably wouldn’t have to, but one of the best things about free software is that you can almost always find another way to skin the cat.

I recently ran across the appropriately named rename command.  Check out this tutorial on how to make Perl-based Debian package work for you: How to bulk rename files from the terminal.

And it also looks like KDE has a GUI bulk renamer called Krename.

Try them all and let the rename game begin.