I had used k9copy to make backups of some of the DVDs in my collection, but instead of selecting the final output as .iso files, I had set k9copy to produces title set folders.  After learning that my favourite media player (VLC) would play an .iso file just as if it were on an actual DVD.  So I needed a way to transform my TS folders into .iso files.  After some research, I found that mkisofs could do the trick.

The syntax for mkisofs is pretty straightforward, though different from some other input/output tools.  In order to generate my .iso files, I used the following options in mkisofs:

  • -o to indicate the output file location and name
  • -V to set the volume label on the .iso file (which VLC displays when it begins playing the file)
  • -dvd-video to generate a DVD-Video compliant UDF file system

The general format for the mkisofs command is

mkisofs [options] file

So, if your AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS  are located in /home/dude/ts_folders/mydvd, and you want your .iso file to be /home/dude/dvdisos/mydvd.iso, then you could use the following command

mkisofs -dvd-video -o /home/dude/dvdisos/mydvd.iso -V MYDVD /home/dude/ts_folders/mydvd/