Since the wicd update that borked my wireless management yesterday, I have successfully restored the program to an earlier version (link). However, the update notifier keeps nagging me about the fact that wicd has a new release. Not one for nagging, I poked around until I figured out how to make it stop.

If you find the package in Synaptic Package Manager, select it and the open up the Package menu (in the top menu bar) you will see an option to “lock” the package. Selecting this box will tell Synaptic/Apt that you don’t want to update the package. The icon next to the package name in the main window of Synaptic will change from one with a star (indicating an out-of-date package) to one with a lock (indicating — obviously — a locked package).

Just for good measure, I closed Synaptic and opened the Update Manager and did a check for updates in order to refresh the list (and get the wicd update out of the list). And now my update notifier no longer nags me from the panel.